Human Connection Through Watched Media

Ottonomy is OTT video delivery advisory services for successful subscription products and vibrant community engagements.

At the heart of media evolution is individual identity, choice, and a desire to actively connect. Communities form around what we watch. 




We seek to build human interaction into media consumption, by layering in active community and viewer agency.


What We Do

We connect content partners, brands and missions, to enable active members of a media community. and provide pricing and delivery strategy supported by a robust plan for audience engagement, culled from the best traditional and emerging technologies. 



How We Do It

Curated for Identity
We get to know the personalities that define the community, and build experiences to speak to those with heart and passion.

Diversely Gathered
We craft shared experiences for individuals with a common passion.

Platform Informed
We use an understanding of the emerging media landscape to secure the next generation of active viewers.