What It’s All About

Established in 2017, Ottonomy celebrates the importance of identity in the evolution of how we watch. We listen to communities, and respond with creative engagement to ignite OTT channel growth.


Founder Stephanie Bruder

a film and television distribution specialist who has grown businesses from early stages through major growth periods, STEPHANIE IS An experienced marketing strategist, WHO delivers game-changing approaches to clients. She founded Ottonomy to drive the conversation around opportunities in the over-the-top distribution landscape.


Film and television distribution specialists with honed strategies to engage passionate communities, and a deep knowledge of the distribution landscape.

Over-the-top (OTT) video delivery advisory services to liberate the curation of watched media.

Individuals, brands and organizations with a desire to own a channel for a specific audience. 

Media is a shared experience, a factor of identity, and a powerful force in society.

Media tastes reflect identity, build community, and connect to a larger conversations.

Active and engaged media consumption. Evolution through storytelling.